This is The Most Unusual Shotgun You’ve Ever Seen !!!

Made in Paris, by Lefaucheux, this shotgun is definitely the most unusual shotgun you have ever seen in your life. There isn’t many information about it, and everything said is basically rumors, since the gun was never offered for sale. But when there isn’t documents to prove, we cannot be sure about anything.

Some rumors said that this isn’t actually a gun by Lefaucheux,  but that is produced in a company run by his son, Eugene. Well, the tip off here is the fact that this unusual shotgun is hammerless, an innovation developed by Anson & Deeley in 1875 with their box lock action. There’re thoughts also that it might be produced by the Lefaucheux family, as an experimental prototype to try to get around Anson& Deeley’s patent.

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The lack of proof marks means it was almost certainly an in house experimental. Compared to many guns from the late 80’s, this shotgun definitely has all the styling ques as the other guns from the 1885-1895.


Well, if you see the gun better, you’ll understand that it was made with assistance of powered equipment that the individual arms maker in Paris would not have had at the time. So, if Lefaucheux’s son made this incredible shotgun later in his life, it explains that he was grown as a man at that time!

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Maybe I don’t know anything, but I know this- I have never seen another shotgun with this type of action, though…