Ultimate Hunting Rifle in .300 Win Mag You Would Love To Have

In a time when for rifle manufacturers are looking to offer more options and more calibers, CZ did completely the opposite with their Ultimate Hunting Rifle (UHR). The ultimate hunting rifle comes in only one model, where  the sole chambering is .300 Win Mag.

Well, naming something as a “Ultimate Hunting Rifle” is kind a big claim, so the question is- does this hunting rifle stand up to its moniker? Let’s find out!

What is the Ultimate Hunting Rifle?

The ultimate hunting rifle is a CZ 550-based rifle chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. It is built on CZ’s rugged Mauser action, just like the other 550s. When empty, the rifle weighs 8.5 pounds, and get this, it includes a minute of angle accuracy guarantee to 600 yards. Yes, you’we read right — a 600-yard MOA guarantee out of the box. According to CZ, “the only variables left in the system are the optics, ammo, and ability of the hunter.” In each rifle, it is included a quality one-piece optics mounting system,  to further negate any potential issues with optics mounting.

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What drives the accuracy?

The 24 inch cold hammer forged, heavy sporter barrel is finished with 1:10 inch twist rifling, which makes it ideal for a wide range of bullet weights. There is a hinged floor plate for quick unloading, as well as a two position push-to-fire safety who is ready for right-handers. The pull length is a standard 13.75 inches with a rubber buttpad. And the accuracy guarantee is set by a fully adjustable, single set trigger.

ultimate hunting rifle
The ultimate hunting rifle furniture is Turkish walnut done, but in “American style” with an oiled finish and fine checkering. Not only is it well finished and smooth, this rifle is uncommonly comfortable against the cheek and negates recoil and better than the many other .300 chambering rifles .

ultimate hunting rifle design

This rifle is build to hunt, so sling swivels are standard and nice for the mobile hunter. It is a stellar compromise between the accuracy of a stalking rifle and a bench rifle — it’s heavy enough to minimize recoil yet, but not too heavy to carry on a hunt. The ultimate hunting rifle has a big plus due to the fact that includes a one-piece solid base and optic mount.

recommended ammunition
Recommended ammunition for UHR

And an ultimate conclusion..

Though it isn’t new, for some unknown reason the CZ ultimate hunting rifle still hasn’t gotten its due and the fact remains that this rifle lives up to its name. It has been designed and built by hunters for hunters, and over the course of a few short years has claimed game across most every continent on this earth. Well, maybe some will say the price is steep, but when you check out the cost for some other rifle who guarantees MOA at 600 yards, includes the scope mount, is built to hunt, and is chambered for most any big game desired.

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So what do you think, would you love to have one of these?