Top 3 Big-Game Handgun Hunting Cartridges

Handgun hunting is not only a stunt or some everyday activity practiced by hunters who are too lazy to carry a rifle. Actually, it’s a passion that yields far greater satisfaction rather than they experience in rifle hunts. So, here’s a list of the best three hunting cartridges every handgun hunter should try.

handgun hunting

1. The .44 Magnum

handgun hunting

The .44 Magnum is perceived worldwide as handgun hunting’s number 1 achiever. Although its accuracy and power potential can’t be mastered by everybody, keep in mind that handgun hunting is only pursued by folks who are ready to risk failure by leaving their long guns at their homes. .44 Magnum handguns are all generally well-made and quality firearms who require high-performance ammunition. Both ammo and guns are available from a few factories and many custom shops. Whether is your interest long-range hunting using a lightweight, high velocity, and 180-grain jacketed hollow points or just using heavy weight, hard cast ammo to get up close and personal using a large, dangerous critters, the right load is available. And could be there a gun shop anywhere in the world that doesn’t have a box of .44 Magnums with “standard” 240-grain jacketed bullets? Countries who allow handgun hunting but are skeptical of unknown calibers sign off instantly on an application listing .44 Magnum as a chosen caliber. Yet relatively new handgun hunters can easily master the .44 Magnum in a case they start with some lighter loads and work hard their way up.

2. The .454 Casull

handgun hunting

The .454 Casull elevated and redefined the capabilities of hunting handguns while still supporting the use of gently sized, portable firearms. Considerably is much more difficult to master than the .44, this cartridge requires, even more, commitment from its followers, but however, just as the .44, this one is also worldwide recognized as a premier hunting handgun worthy of field use. Sometimes, even much more capable than the .44 Magnum, this cartridge succeeds to extended pistol hunting ranges by accelerating velocities up to the 2000 fps mark and flattening trajectories while using still straight walled cartridges. To achieve his full potential, handgun hunters need to consider installing optics, something which was previously not required on a revolver. Ammo makers have caught up with the abilities of the .454 and offer a very wide variety of ammo suitable for all handgun hunting. Is possible that you might not find a box of ammo for it in your remote hunting location, but locals will for sure know the .454’s power.

3. The .41 Magnum

3 handgun hnting

The .41 Magnum is more than just the “me too,” compromise middle magnum. Originally judged a failure when presented as the perfect police cartridge before law enforcement agencies began their mass migration to semi-auto pistols, the .41 picked up an almost cult following of groups who thought it is the perfect all-around, do-everything cartridge. This one is easier to master than the .44 Magnum and gentler on both shooters and guns, the .41 Magnum cartridge met Elmer Keith’s minimum standards for a big-bore shooting caliber and has made its bones as a bonafide unbeaten hunting handgun. Major ammo companies produce high-velocity ammo with lightweight JHP bullets, along with a heavier weight, hard cast lead bullets for some larger animals. There is very little that the bigger magnums will do which the .41 won’t, and there is nothing in America which the .41 can’t hunt. By the way, imperceptibly down loaded, the .41 Magnum is definitely one hell of a defensive handgun.

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