This Is The Biggest Mistake Anglers Do When Ice Fishing With Tungsten Jigs

Tungsten jigs have changed the way ice anglers approach hard water fishing in many ways. Some of those are pretty obvious, while others more subtle. Speaking of ice fishing, probably the most popular thing you’ll hear people talking about is lure size. Tungsten jigs are incredibly dense, meaning anglers can fish smaller profile baits without sacrificing weight, a thing that knows to be a huge advantage in some situations. Not only it might lead to more bites, also it allows anglers to fish heavier line.

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As a result of the mentioned, tungsten has exploded in popularity in the past few years. However, the thing you don’t hear people talk much about is how tungsten jigs can impact the action on your rod. As Joel Nelson explains in the video below, tungsten jigs makes it more difficult to detect fish cleanly and on longer soft-action rods that most anglers are using. He goes into more depth on how he addresses this problem in the video. According to him, this is the BIGGEST mistake anglers make out on the ice when they’re fishing tungsten jigs.


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