Russia Unveils Sniper Rifle With a Kill Range of Over 4 km

Tsar Pushka (TP), a Russian weapons maker, recently has come up with their newest sniper rifle called SVLK-14S Sumrak, a beast with an effective kill range of over 4km. As they said, it will not going to be used in combat.

This sniper rifle has been manufactured by the first private firearms factory in Russia using a technology, equipment, and a know-how from the United States, as Russia Beyond reports. The owner of TP, Vlad Lobaev, reportedly learned to fire guns and make them in the States.

russian sniper rifle
The Sumrak sniper rifle which can take out targets over 4,000 meters away

“This weapon was made the piece by piece, just like a Ferrari or Porsche, for people who appreciate high-precision guns and for professional snipers who use them in long-range shooting,” said chief engineer Yuri Sinichkin.

This gun will fire a .408 CheyTac (10.3mm) bullet, who has a muzzle velocity – the speed at which a bullet exits a gun – of over 900 m/s. In contempt of being one of the most powerful sniper rifles ever made, it is not intended for combat. It’s more of a collector’s item such as a powerful hyper-car.

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A clear indication that shows that this gun it is not meant for the battlefield is the lack of a clip to feed bullets into the rifle’s chamber. Due to this, the moving “running” parts are reduced and increase the weapon’s range and keep accuracy at such a long distances.

The single-shot style Sumrak as well, features a heavy, almost 1.5m-long, high-grade aluminum barrel along with a stainless steel insert. It can function separately from the temperature it operates in, between -40 and +60 degrees Celsius. Overall, the weapon weighs 9.6 kilograms.

“The weapon was designed with two types of muzzle brakes. They reduce the shock to a very comfortable level. No rifle in the world with this caliber will allow an average shooter to take 150-200 shots a day without repercussions on his health. All this is embodied in the Sumrak rifle. It also has the classical form of a gunstock and is distinguished by its minimalism in details. There is nothing superfluous, only that which is necessary to obtain maximum range and precision,” explained Sinichkin.

The stock and action of this sniper rifle are made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar sandwiched in fiberglass set over a stainless steel chassis. Russian snipers have been able to hit targets of up to 4,200 meters away using the Sumrak. Nevertheless, owing to its weight and size, it is unlikely that anyone will be moving through the woods bringing one of these.

Russia recently announced a combat-ready long-range sniper  rifle with a range of over 1,800 meters called the T-5000 Tochnost rifle made by Moscow-based ORSIS.

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