Biggest Record-breaking Fish Caught Since ’94

There was not a record-breaking fish caught of this size since Forrest Gump and The Lion King ruled the box office in the Dillon Reservoir.

Earlier this month, a “casual angler”, as she describes herself, Lindsay Regali, a doctor visiting Colorado from Virginia spend her day fishing at Dillon Reservoir along with her husband.

“There was an ongoing joke throughout the day that I was jealous of how many fish my husband had been catching,” said Regali. “I was laughing and joking around because I realized I had finally caught one that I knew was bigger than his. I realized it was big but had no idea how big until we got it in the boat.”

record-breaking fish

Soon after she reeled it in, she discovered that her fish, a nearly two-foot long arctic char, weighed in at 4.15 pounds! With this, she putted the new state record, breaking the previous one from 1994 of 3.75 pounds and 20.5 inches, caught in Dillon Reservoir by Marshall Brenner.

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Dr. Regali, of Charlottesville, was enjoying a chilly day of fishing at altitude in Dillon Reservoir along with the local guide Randy Ford of Alpine Fishing Adventuresher and her belowed husband Luke Newcomb,  when she landed the lunker on Nov. 6, as stated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife first began stocking arctic char in Dillon in the ’90s. After a longer, 10-year break, agency biologists began stocking the slow-growing fish again between 2008-15.

Arctic char is a cousin to lake trout and salmon. Anglers fishing for the char in Dillon Reservoir can keep their fish only if is over 20 inches. If less, they must be returned to the water in the same moment, per CPW rules. Dillon Reservoir is the only public place in the lower 48 states, outside of Maine, where arctic char can be caught.

You are wondering what is the largest fish ever caught in Colorado? Well, that would be a 50-pound Mackinaw caught in 2007 by Donald Walker in the Blue Mesa Reservoir. It was almost four-feet long!

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