When You Are Lucky Enough to Have Your Fish Jump in Your Boat

Fish jump on a boatFish jump on a boat
April 7, 2017

  Some people wait for hours to get their fish while others have plenty of luck to have the fish came in their boat alone. Well, the case with these guys here is definitely luck. The fish was trying to save her life from the shark but wasn’t aware that she felt in the hands of anglers who were trying to catch her or some other of her family. Watch…


DIY Fishing Rod Holder You can Make Under $10

Fishing Rod Holder
April 6, 2017

Sometimes a little bit of creativity is more than enough to make the things you really need for which in another case you would have to pay a lot of money. Speaking of the fishing rod holder, you might not be aware but probably you have almost everything you need to do it yourself. In the video below, you have a complete instruction for DIY fishing rod holder to make…


RIVER FISHING ACTION : Blue Catfish Around Mussel Beds

river fishing action
April 6, 2017

There’s a difference between one and another angler, but after this river fishing action, we can say this guy is one of the best. To do what he did, he used frozen skipjack cut in small pieces. He used both dragging and suspended fishing methods in about 35 foot of water on the deep water flats.   We cannot say more, but it would be an honor to go fishing with…


11 Biggest Fish Ever Caught

Biggest fish ever caught
April 5, 2017

You think you have seen everything? I bet you haven’t seen bigger fish than these here. Watch the video and see this awesome compilation with the biggest fish ever caught on the Earth.   So, what do you think about them? Looks unbelievable don’t you think?


Jig Fishing – Tips & Tactics for Beginners

Jig fishing
April 3, 2017

Many pro anglers are donned into jig fishing and believe jigs are one of the most versatile and productive of all the artificial lures out there. This is because they will work for a wide range of species, in almost any type of conditions. Except for the floating jigs, all the other jigs are weighted the same. That is by melting a metal substance into a liquid and pouring it into a…