Beginner’s Ice Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Should Have In Mind

ice fishing tips
February 6, 2018

If you’re a beginner at ice fishing, you’ll want to follow these tips. Many ice fishing experts recommend anyone wanting to start ice fishing, should go after the panfish end of things. This will help the fisherman action and at the same time save money on ice fishing tackle and equipment, while letting them see how well they actually like it. Well, below are the basic beginner’s ice fishing tips…


As Deadly as Beautiful: Brass Based Expanding and Fragmenting Shotgun Slugs

February 2, 2018

12ga slugs have been always well known as good stoppers on a dangerous game, but now tend to over-penetrate in hominids. OATH Ammunition now has two new designs, who solve over-penetration simultaneously improving reliability in box-fed shotguns. Above is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed specially to expand to an incredible  2.5″ and penetrate enough to punch through a hostile human with very little energy left to cripple anyone downrange. If you…


5 Sniper Rifles Who Can Turn a Solder Into a Super Killer

January 15, 2018

The sniper is one of the most feared opponents on the battlefield. They can make their presence felt far beyond a common soldier’s assault rifle, cutting down enemy leaders, heavy weapons operators, as well as damaging enemy equipment at significant distances. This requires an optic and weapon capable of extreme accuracy. So, here are 5 of the most common and effective sniper rifles. M40A5 Sniper Rifles The M40A5 sniper rifle…


After 72 Attempts, Here’s How Many Illegal Firearms GAO Purchased Over the Internet

illegal firearms
January 4, 2018

The GAO- Government Accountability Office serves as the investigative arm of Congress. Since we are not speaking about a law enforcement agency, it would be obvious they to investigate many things. Very often, their investigations encompass financial matters since much of what Congress does is pay for stuff using our money, but that is not all they really do. See also: WARNING: Scam Website Offering Concealed Carry Permits in Several States…


Russia Unveils Sniper Rifle With a Kill Range of Over 4 km

russian sniper rifle
January 3, 2018

Tsar Pushka (TP), a Russian weapons maker, recently has come up with their newest sniper rifle called SVLK-14S Sumrak, a beast with an effective kill range of over 4km. As they said, it will not going to be used in combat. This sniper rifle has been manufactured by the first private firearms factory in Russia using a technology, equipment, and a know-how from the United States, as Russia Beyond reports….


Top 3 Big-Game Handgun Hunting Cartridges

handgun hunting
January 3, 2018

Handgun hunting is not only a stunt or some everyday activity practiced by hunters who are too lazy to carry a rifle. Actually, it’s a passion that yields far greater satisfaction rather than they experience in rifle hunts. So, here’s a list of the best three hunting cartridges every handgun hunter should try. 1. The .44 Magnum The .44 Magnum is perceived worldwide as handgun hunting’s number 1 achiever. Although its accuracy…


4 Stunning Budget Long-Range Rifles That Will Shoot Past 1,000 Yards

budget long-range
December 14, 2017

Possibly the most remarkable display of marksmanship is pure budget long-range shooting. Reaching out to a target at 1,000 yards or even beyond demands skill, expertise and lots of practice to do it right. While some may assume it as absurd to hit a target at half a mile, the amount of research that goes into selection of the right rifle, ammunition and optics — along with learning how to…


The Best Deer Cartridges: The Do-It-All Cartridge

308 Winchester
December 5, 2017

Some hunters have deep arsenals, basically a different rifle for every deer hunting situation, or every other big-game beast they might hunt. We have all heard the saying: “Beware the man with one gun.” and there’s a good reason for that. The hunter who does all the work with only one gun very possible knows how to shoot better and hunt than the average bear. If you are going to…


The Best .30-06 Based Cartridge? The Answer Will Surprise You!

the best .30-06 Based Cartridge
December 5, 2017

.30-06 Family Virtual Shootout Wondering about the world’s most popular sporting cartridge? That would be the .30-06 Springfield. We are speaking about versatile, accurate, and plentiful cartridge every hunter or shooter would love. It is not surprising why every rifle maker offers at least one of their models chambered for this old warhorse. As an improvement of the .30-03 which actually was designed as a replacement of the somewhat under-powered…


5 Underrated Rifle Cartridges You Must Try

underrated rifle cartridges
November 24, 2017

We all have our favorites. You know, all those cartridges that our dads, uncles, grandfathers, or heroes have used, and have been written on for decades. But what about some of the earlier greats that look to have been forgotten? Someone must champion the disregarded heroes. We decided to be that someone. Check this as well: The Ultimate Long-Range Hunting Cartridge While the .375 H&H Mag. and .30-’06, .270 Win are…