Which Oil is Best for M1 Garand Refinishing?

If you are wondering which oil to use for your M1 Garand refinishing, here might be your answer. Among all those oils given to use, Linseed and Tung oil are the most used one. So let’s see the difference between them.



Linseed oil comes from pressed flax seeds that grows in Asia and central Europe. The term “boiled” is a misnomer since this oil includes added chemicals for faster drying rather than raw linseed oil.

Generally, linseed oil is easier to apply than a Tung oil which is non-toxic and creates a soft finish rather than glossy one. Beside he fact that it is easier to touch-up, linseed oil doesn’t provides significant barrier against moisture or scratching does varnish. With the exception of the first coat, sanding is something which is unnecessary with the boiled linseed oil.

M1 Garand Refinishing OIL
Linseed oil (left) is easier to apply than Tung oil (right)


Linseed oil is highly flammable, also, poses a fire risk with rags that can combust spontaneously through oxidation. Therefore, leave used linseed rags unfolded and also flat in some well-ventilated area.

Through experimentation, people learned the answer about the time needed for drying. Try to let each coat stand for about 40 minutes, followed by a “light mopping” in order to remove any wet oil. You don’t want to rub off all the oil and leave the entire wet coat on the stock since it will require few weeks to dry. (and this is proven fact!) If yu use the “light mopping” method and have your coat dried in a 70-degree room at 35% humidity within 48 hours, you’ll be ready for light buffing and applying the next coat.


When it comes about Tung oil, it usually takes 4-5 coats sanded one after each one, to get that satin sheen. The Tung oil comes from the nuts and seeds of the Tung tree,  primarily found in China. The surface will be spotty and rough till this point. That is why you have to sand Tung oil to produce a shiny finish.

These two are the best ones to use for your M1 Garand refinishing and it’s up to you which one you’ll choose. Also, you an use a mix of linseed oil, tung oil, and mineral spirits used as a hardner. In any case, you cannot be wrong!

Tell us your thoughts on this and also fee free to share what you use with others!