AR-15 Rifles Must be Banned ?!?

Banning AR-15 rifles?? This seems like the worst nightmare for many gun lovers. Well, from the other side, there are many others who are so tired listening gun-lobby proponents who desperately are trying to obfuscate what’s really happening.

The AR-15 is a rifle directly modeled on the M16, who is specially designed for the military. We are not talking about a hunting rifle or a “sporting” rifle, this simply it’s not meant for target shooting. Actually, it’s meant to kill people, and kill them quickly and efficiently. That one exactly is its intended purpose.

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Gun manufacturers, for example, Remington have overwhelmed the U.S. with millions of these weapons. Approximately, there are between 5 to 10 million AR-15 in civilian hands across the States. And imagine what is happening? Sadly, but yes, people are using them to kill other people as quickly as possible.

Do you want a hunting rifle? So, buy a purpose-built hunting rifle, not something else. For example, try a bolt-action .243 Winchester caliber, you won’t regret it. It’s highly accurate and effective for the deer hunting season.  You should check these budget hunting rifles as well. 

Maybe you need a specialized gun for home defense? So buy some short-barreled, pump-action 12-gauge. You can do a little research and see that most home defense experts suggest that a short-barreled shotgun is probably the single best home defense weapon you can own.


You can agree or disagree, but the truth is that absolutely none of these mentioned activities are a perfect fit for the AR-15. So, obviously, there is simply no good customer usage for this weapon. And, as some of the population says, it’s maybe time to stop tolerating the butchery that this firearm is responsible for.

The solution? Ban all the semi-automatic rifles capable of using high-capacity magazines. It only needs to start there and then determine what else needs to be ingested after that to de-militarize the American public.

Do you agree with this? Do you really believe that owning the AR-15 is the real problem for all those mass killings and attacks or there something else that hides behind all that? Maybe it just people’s minds, who knows…

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  1. It is not about hunting nor is it about home defense. Never has been never will be. It is the ability to be able to protect ourselves against a Government if it turns against the American people. It puts us on a par with the military if need be. It also allows us to assist the military in case of an Invasion by a foreign power. This is also the reason the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution exists. People will harm others by any means they can get their hands on. The problem is with society not guns. Fix the problem with Society then you won’t have a gun problem.

  2. The 2nd Amendment does not specify what type of guns we can own. Therefore the government needs to stay out of what guns we are buying. As long as you can legally own a gun you should be able to purchase any gun that you can afford.

  3. I do admit to disagreeing with most of your arguments. And, I will not go into lengthy raw statistics about AR’s versus handguns and their respective illegal use in America. However I must make you aware of that fact that your short article contains 15 typographic and sentence structure errors, which alone render you an utter buffoon. I would suggest you go back and take a year or two or remedial classes and get your writing act together so that you might be taken seriously. Or better, keep doing what you are doing and harm, rather than aid your cause. Cheers!

  4. Did you write this in hopes of being ridiculed? If so, you receive an “A”! As previously and correctly mentioned, the 2nd Amendment wasn’t included in the Bill of Rights to protect hunting. Claiming that an AR platform is not suitable for hunting is utterly lazy and lacks any merit. This is the same mindless buffoonery falsely pushed by the hacks in DC and the pink beret brigades statewide. The same that think magazines and clips are the same. Or that bullets are high capacity and semi-automatic means full auto. You’re being disingenuous and you look like an ass.

  5. FBI Uniform Crime Report 2014. Number of victims with rifles; 248. Number of victims with shotguns; 262. total victims with long guns (All types) 510. number of murder victims killed with no weapon, just beaten to death with hands and feet? 660. Perhaps the method isn’t the problem after all.

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