10 Best Ice Fishing Destinations Worldwide

Take a fishing pole and a couple of fishing buddies and experience an amazing ice fishing vacation at these amazing fishing holes.

Winter is that time of the year special for one of the most underrated activities one can do on this planet: ice fishing! Whether you are using cheese or worms for bait or just trying to catch walleye or whitefish, ice fishing is a fun sport for all those brave enough to trek onto the frozen waters.

So here are the best ice fishing destinations you can enjoy this amazing sport.

1. Lake Diefenbaker – Saskatchewan

Lake Diefenbaker

Lake Diefenbaker is near Outlook, Saskatchewan, and it is a home to multiple different types of fish. Ice anglers routinely attest that this one it is one of the top locales in the region.

2. Lake Simcoe – Ontario

ice fishing destinations

The Simcoe lake is located in Ontario and it is a home to the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship and probably is the most popular ice fishing location in North America.

3. Lake Winnebago – Wisconsin

Lake Winnebago

In the state of Wisconsin, this is definitely the top ice fishing location in the state of Wisconsin. This lake draws ice anglers from all over the Midwest!

4. Lake of the Woods – Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota

Lake of the woods

Located on the border of both the United States and Canada, this lake offers multiple types of fish and so many different areas for ice anglers to cast their lines.

5. Fort Peck Lake — Montana

 Fort Peck Lake -- Montana

Also known as the ice fisherman’s heaven, the Fort Peck Reservoir is located in Montana, where pike, walleye, trout, and sauger abundant can be seen in the waters.

6. Lake Champlain – Vermont, New York, and Quebec


The Champlain Lake is a large lake that lies mostly in Vermont but also touches Quebec and New York. This lake is one of the most popular ice fishing destinations in the entire United States.

7. Devil’s Lake – North Dakota

ice fishing destinations

Devil’s Lake is the North Dakota’s best ice fishing location. This location is most populated with fish in the whole region, Devil’s Lake is teeming with perch.

8. Ammassalik – Greenland

best ice fishing destinations

Secluded and quiet, this region’s fjords offer unique experiences for all those ice anglers looking to ice fish in Greenland. Definitely there’s reason why is putted on the list of the best ice fishing destinations, don’t you think?

9. River Lule – Sweden

best ice fishing destinations

The Lapland’s top spot for ice fishing – Lule river is located just outside of the town of Lulea in Sweden.

10. Kathleen Lake – Yukon Territory

ice fishing destnations

Kathleen Lake is nestled deep within the Kluane National Park in Canada’s Yukon Territory. This lake is known mostly for the incredible amount of trout available to those who brave the freezing winter air.

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