• Best Lures: The Only 6 Baits You Need to Catch (Almost) Any Fish
  • 10 Best Ice Fishing Destinations Worldwide
  • Beginner’s Ice Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Should Have In Mind
  • Fastest Cleaning Ever: How To Clean a Perch In 10 Seconds
  • This Is The Biggest Mistake Anglers Do When Ice Fishing With Tungsten Jigs
fishing lures

Best Lures: The Only 6 Baits You Need to Catch (Almost) Any Fish

Although you may desire a tackle box stuffed with many different lures, these essential baits will definitely fool (almost) every fish. So, clear out your tackle box and cast these six baits. Heddon Zara Spook This top-water bait was developed in 1939, known as Zarragossa. Its side-to-side action motivated people to call it by the phrase “walk the dog,” which is representing the technique of twitching it across the water….

best ice fishing destinations

10 Best Ice Fishing Destinations Worldwide

Take a fishing pole and a couple of fishing buddies and experience an amazing ice fishing vacation at these amazing fishing holes. Winter is that time of the year special for one of the most underrated activities one can do on this planet: ice fishing! Whether you are using cheese or worms for bait or just trying to catch walleye or whitefish, ice fishing is a fun sport for all…

ice fishing tips

Beginner’s Ice Fishing Tips Every Fisherman Should Have In Mind

If you’re a beginner at ice fishing, you’ll want to follow these tips. Many ice fishing experts recommend anyone wanting to start ice fishing, should go after the panfish end of things. This will help the fisherman action and at the same time save money on ice fishing tackle and equipment, while letting them see how well they actually like it. Well, below are the basic beginner’s ice fishing tips…

tungsten jigs

This Is The Biggest Mistake Anglers Do When Ice Fishing With Tungsten Jigs

Tungsten jigs have changed the way ice anglers approach hard water fishing in many ways. Some of those are pretty obvious, while others more subtle. Speaking of ice fishing, probably the most popular thing you’ll hear people talking about is lure size. Tungsten jigs are incredibly dense, meaning anglers can fish smaller profile baits without sacrificing weight, a thing that knows to be a huge advantage in some situations. Not…


As Deadly as Beautiful: Brass Based Expanding and Fragmenting Shotgun Slugs

12ga slugs have been always well known as good stoppers on a dangerous game, but now tend to over-penetrate in hominids. OATH Ammunition now has two new designs, who solve over-penetration simultaneously improving reliability in box-fed shotguns. Above is their 1.25oz 1600fps all-copper slug designed specially to expand to an incredible  2.5″ and penetrate enough to punch through a hostile human with very little energy left to cripple anyone downrange. If you…


BREAKING: Panthers Coaching Stuff Changes Officially Announced

The Panthers’ coaching staff will face some changes and soon we are about to see both new and familiar faces in new roles in 2018. A rundown of changes made official Wednesday. DEFENSE Steve Russ is the new coach of the linebackers, while Brady Hoke will be Carolina’s defensive line coach. Eric Washington will be replaced by Hoke after Washington got a promotion to defensive coordinator after Steve Wilks left…


BREAKING: Tom Brady Demands A Trade From Patriots

Tom Brady , the New England Patriots quarterback demands an urgent trade from his current team. Being part of this team since 2000, Tom has won five Super Bowls, all playing for one team only. Still unofficially, but the reason for this are the disagreements he had with the team’s management. The whole new situation is somewhat blurred because the past seventeen years has been perfect. Moreover, Tom Brady and Patriots head coach Bill…


BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed Against NFL Star Aaron Rodgers,Could Face Prison.

A lawsuit against the NFL Star Aaron Rodgers has been filed by a woman who accuses Rodgers for rape,says Fox this morning. Read More: Panthers Head Coach Rivera Agrees to Two Year Contract Extension The Green Bay Packers quarterback,has been accused of a woman who wanted to stay annonymous,so her name is still unknown.She told the media that after a drunk night she invited Rodgers to her apartment,but things got “messy”…